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Rob Schneider has a New Televised Program

By ROGER WESLEY, Staff Writer

When it comes to entertainment, it’s likely that a production company will use a star with any semblance of name-recognition before they will a good idea.

Rob Schneider has a s#itcom on CBS, and it premieres Thursday night after The Big Bang Theory. It’s called ¡Rob!. None of this is good news for us consumers who actually enjoy using their brains while enjoying television.

It’s a terrific idea!

That’s me being facetious, as evidenced by the italics. The premise of this multi-camera situational comedy is based on Schneider’s real life, that of a culture-clash that occurs when he marries a Mexican-American woman without telling her family first. Let the lowest-common denominator comedy ensue!

Anyone that was associated with Saturday Night Live for at least a few years obviously is a big comedic talent. One would hope even enough to have the determination and skill to sit down and write a decent-enough script for something that can live on. And maybe even do that every couple years to sustain a burgeoning career. Not just idiotic movies that range from Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo to the hardly-seen-for-a-reason Big Stan, either.

It’s possible that Schneider just doesn’t have that great of a life. So now he dumbs it down even more for the sake of joke setups and canned laughter. Mind you, we’re speaking about Rob Schneider’s life, so the amount of dilution here based on his stifled career acquires the similarity of the English orphan-grade gruel mixed in with that slop the Mongolian prison was feeding Christian Bale at the start of Batman Begins.

Getting a comedy on network television is one of the hardest things in show business to do. I’m not disapproving of the person who Rob Schneider is, just in the choices that he makes. It’s possible that he’s so disliked in Hollywood that it’s the only work that he can get. While it’s a harsh deduction I think it’s one that’s more viable than not, considering that Rob Schneider has been in the zeitgeist for more than twenty calendar years now.

Like most of his unsuccessful movies, I’ll be turning my back on ¡Rob!, as it looks like the utter height of comedic banality. Yes, it’s true that CBS doesn’t have the most stellar reputation when it comes to quality comedy. But it is true that they have the most successful comedies on television at the moment, much like how NBC’s heyday reigned from the 1980s up until when Friends ended its epic run of high ratings.

What’s the point in all of this, you ask? I’ll watch and enjoy a show if it looks the least bit appetizing. ¡Rob! does none of these things, and in fact, makes me hate television just a little more than I did than when I changed the channel in the middle of the last bad show that came on.

For those who care, it’s on tomorrow night at 8:30pm Eastern / 7:30pm Central. I wonder if you’ve been persuaded not to care at this point.

And that’s my giving a damn.


Roger is a stay-at-home father of four who loves reading, mentoring at-risk youth, and attempting to learn Metallica melodies on his guitar.

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