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If You Let Black Friday Affect You, It Will

Black Friday can be the sterling post-Thanksgiving celebration that it’s made out to be, or it can be the apocalypse of your life and the end of all human civilization. Either way, you can be less dramatic about it.

People love to save money, and going out to do a large chunk of their holiday shopping the day after they gorge themselves into a diabetic coma is an American tradition, regardless of the ramifications of such behavior. In this down economy, I don’t blame them one bit. Go out and buy an 80-inch television for $77 for all I give a shit. If it makes you happy and brings you tidings during the jolliest time of the year, knock yourself out.

If you work at a retail store and gripe about the fact you have to work in the middle of the night in order to get your hours, it’s just got to end right here and now. Do you realize how many fucking people are out of work altogether, and have been for a really long time? They’d absolutely kill to work your checkout lane at Target at 1:45am on Black Friday. Just shut up, man.

This whole “I’m a victim because my work shits on me” thing that we have going on in America lately is just annoying, and is needless bitching about a factor that people who do the complaining have total control over. You don’t like it? Then quit. Sleep your long weekend away, and don’t come to work. That isn’t going to affect any one of us at all. It’s just going to affect your whining, entitled, immature asshole self. For fuck’s sake already. Yeeeesh.

America’s love affair of getting good deals an squeezing every valued cent out of every dollar will never die. As a result, we have shopping madness events like Black Friday. It’s purely a result of smart business people also trying to squeeze their invested dollars in order to make a better living for their employees and for their own families. Can any of us really blame them?

Personally, shopping on the Internet has gotten too awesome and convenient to stand outside of a big box retailer in the middle of the night in anticipation of saving 50% off of men’s slacks and 90% off of all listed jewelry. So I’m going to camp out on the Internet until Cyber Monday hits. Explosive deals that day!

And that’s my giving a damn.


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