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Apple’s Core, The Devil And More

It’s a funny thing about cults.

Alright, calm the fuck down. People who use Apple products aren’t cult members. They’re people, just like you and me. Maybe a few of them wear ironic hats and scarves. In the summer. But it’s just a different kind of quality that products made from the House of Job. So let’s go forward, and drop the labels. And profiling.

I used to absolutely despise Apple products in every form or fashion. A lot of it was based on a sideways-pretention that wasn’t grounded in any kind of logic or reality. It was because I grew up as a Windows and Microsoft user for the most part, and that there was this coating of fake icing drizzle on Apple stuff.

In the last few years, not only have I dumped this silly dislike, I’ve come to understand what Apple is really all about: connecting people through technology. And that’s what companies who create and distribute technological products are all about. In an idealistic world, of course. Messages get muddled along the way much like anything else, that is beside the point.

Another reason that Apple products were not exactly the love of my life is that they used to cost more. Being a blue collar-minded person of the digital age, I saw needless price gouging. And there still is a noticeable difference when you put an Apple computer next to its PC-based counterpart. But quality is quality, and Apple products are better-made and tend to last longer. So the argument that I was making was short-sighted and lazy.

Now that Steve Jobs has left this Earth (in a whole lot better shape than he entered it, mind you), the two types of computers complement each other better than they ever have before. I’m proud to say I use both. By the means that we all get a little more work done than we used to. That’s pretty cool.

So, no labels, alright? Oh, who the hell am I kidding? We’re human.

And that’s my giving a damn.


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The Internet: Breathe In, Breathe Out

Us humans have always been self-interested for the most part, that much can be clear.

So am I. I love what I love, and I’ll fight for what I believe in until the very day I die. If there’s someone that does something disagreeable, I generally sound off as thoughtfully as I can about the matter, in hopes of resolving the conflict that may be about to blow up. A lot of us are like this. But then there’s how people act online.

A person can be the nicest, most genuine human being in real life. But when something catches their eye online and they get the sudden impulse to react emotionally and irrationally, there are those out there who do so without a second thought or care of mind. This is unfortunate, as it backfires on them and proceeds to shit all over their freshly-coiffed hair…in a manner of speaking.

Yesterday on Facebook, I posted a jokey and paraphrased quote from The Simpsons, stating how sweet it was to have a nice, lazy federal day off from work. Being that is was Veteran’s Day, a federal holiday, proceeded to set off a friend’s temper. They made me out to be some kind of ungrateful jerk, with me apparently not recognizing the facts as to why it was a federal holiday in the first place.

Uncalled for and ridiculous, I then erased the comment stream for the principled reason that I didn’t want to spend a moment longer inside the web that this friend had seemingly me caught in. I knew who was right, and I knew who the asshole was. A needless back-and-forth would have only underlined the facts. If they were of sound mind and rational thought, they could have asked me to elaborate on the original paraphrased quote, and the whole episode could have been avoided. But they didn’t.

Technology has given us the ability to communicate at faster speeds than during any other time in history. Much of it is used well, to the benefit of our collective society. A by-product of this has been the consistent unleashing of venom too quickly spewed. Should we all take a moment to consider out initial and emotional reactions to things small and large, civility would become a hearty and welcomed bedfellow to those of us that work and communicate with each other online.

Imagine how terrific that would truly be.

And that’s my giving a damn.


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