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19th: A Dyke’s Tale From the Locker Room

18th: SOPA & PIPA Must Never See the White of Day

17th: The Breeding of Irreverence

16th: A Rising Comic’s Manifesto

15th: Saturday Serial: Afterwards, Part 2

14th: Tim Tebow Can Do It Again, But Will He?

13th: Pissgate: Getting In Front of the Story

12th: An Open Letter to God

11th: Rob Schneider has a New Televised Program

10th: The Phoenix Suns are a Professional Basketball Team

9th: Moms Need a Timeout Too

8th: Election 2012: November Victory for Obama Appears Inevitable

7th: Saturday Serial: Afterwards, Part 1

6th: Why to Not Buy Real Estate Right Now

5th: I Get My Ass Kicked For Being Gay

4th: The End Probably Isn’t Nigh

3rd: Trucking 101: Introduction to Ghosttown

2nd: Election 2012: What We Won’t Find In Iowa

1st: New Year’s Eve Isn’t Your Holiday, Amateurs



25th – 31st: DARK – HOLIDAY BREAK

24th: A Guaranteed Present On Christmas Day…

23rd: A Brief History Of Eating Cookies

22nd: Here’s Why Tim Tebow

21st: The Most Important Things You Can’t Live Without

20th: The Brink At Which The North Koreans Have Become Accustomed To

19th: Homeland’s 90-Minute Finale Was Amazing Television

18th: The Best Shirt Ever

17th: Confidence Ain’t A Bad Thing

16th: Jerks In America 

15th: Seeing But Not Seen 

14th: Glenn Beck Is A Silly Goose

13th: I Have No Idea How Hollywood Works 

12th: That Son Of A Bitch In Traffic 

11th: Being Charitable In Modern Times

10th: The Friends You Help That Won’t Help Themselves

9th: A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Training Camp

8th: The Money Shots

7th: A Civilian Decision Point Story, Part 2

6th: A Civilian Decision Point Story, Part 1

5th: Apple’s Core, The Devil And More

4th: Sunday Nights On Showtime Are Marvelous

3th: The Underemployed Have A Pride Surplus

2nd: Election 2012: The Bell Tolls For Thee, Herman

1st: On-Stage But Off-Camera



30th: Patrice Oneal, Comedian & Storyteller

29th: Child Molesters Deserve The Worst Of Everything

28th: Bleak Job Prospects Affect British Youth Adversely

27th: NBA Lockout: Logic and Reason Prevail, Finally.

26th: Uncle Sam Turns The Page

25th: If You Let Black Friday Affect You, It Will

24th: No Such Thing As A Novice Mom

23th: How To Prevent A Potentially Shitty Situation

22th: American Rocket Surgery (a.k.a. Space Economics for Dummies!)

21th: Maybe We’ll Occupy The MPAA Next

20th: Election 2012: Both Of These Political Parties Stink

19th: I Didn’t Stand In Line For Twilight

18th: That Thin, Plastic Financial Succubus

17th: Failing To Heed Good Advice

16th: The Penn St Clusterfuck: As The Ambiguity Turns

15th: NBA Lockout: In Came The Tidal Wave

14th: Melancholia: Collide Into This One

13th: Rain Fell On A Memorable Night

12th: The Internet: Breathe In, Breathe Out

11th: It’s Not The Breaking News You Think It is

10th: Louis C.K. Is An Incredible Comedian

9th: The Penn St Clusterfuck: The Victims Deserve Better

8th: Dreaming Is As Powerful As Life Itself

7th: NBA Lockout: Enough Already, Fuckers.

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