And Then There Was The Kiss From Last Night


Editor’s Note: The author’s name has been changed to protect their identity.

Her lips were soft as could be, and I’m happy I approached her after our eyes met.

Being gay isn’t easy in the uptight community that I’m from, and am still in. But last night, things were different. In a really good way. In a really unusual way. Like, it’s in a way that I never acted before. So forward, I mean.

So the bands finished playing, and it was midnight or so. Some people were hanging around, and I was one of them. The two of my friends who I arrived with didn’t make it to the next day with me, now that it was Wednesday morning. They excused themselves being lame and talking about having to be up early for A-period. I guess they’re more responsible than me. Good for their college transcripts, right? I then locked eyes with her, she was about 15 yards away from where I was standing.

She has brunette hair, much like mine. I think it’s natural, but who can really tell until the roots shout the truth. She’s about two years younger than I, but only a year behind me at school. I hadn’t ever met her before. Juniors and sophomores only mix a little where I attend high school. But she kept pursing her upper and lower lips, like when somebody’s bored, and they’re just looking to make any kind of facial contortion to keep themselves mildly entertained.

I walked up to her after making the first eye contact, which was an amazing connection if I can say so. Then we just had a good, eyes-closed, ten-or-so seconds physical contact. Lips met each other, and it was time I didn’t want to end. Which it kind of didn’t, because for those ten-or-so seconds, time stood still.

Eyes opened up right after, and then we found ourselves outside and talking for awhile. No one else around, it was just the two of us. There are things we have in common, and there is a connection there. One I haven’t felt ever before. It’s both a little bit scary and a lot of bits amazing.

We have plans to see each other this weekend. I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep until then.


Aurora lives in the American Southwest with her parents and two younger brothers and maintains a 3.2 GPA at her high school with a powerful love of linguistics and the dramatic arts.

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