A Saturday Serial: Afterwards, Part 3

By ANDREW FLYNN, Storyteller


»Previously, on Afterwards.


A few of the late morning sun’s rays blasted through the half-drawn shades of Levi’s 9th floor hotel room. He and Stephanie were both scattered about on their respective full-sized beds. Exhaustion was prevalent in their slumbering bodies.

Levi woke first. One eye opened and scanned the room, a well-anointed one at that. The linens were of high quality, the art and decor adorning the walls spoke of thoughtful interior design. The light fixtures were polished in a higher-grade brass than you’d expect to find in a normal hotel room. The furniture welcomed weary travelers, just as the large LCD television begged at least one pay-per-view movie to be viewed on its generous widescreen frame.

“Errrrrrg. Hey, Steph, are you awake yet?” asked Levi.

Stephanie was face-down in her cozy pillow, while long, blonde hair flowed every direction from her scalp. She rotated her body to face her brother.

“Ugh. Unless it’s three in the afternoon, I’m not getting out of this bed,” Stephanie declared.

“Yeah, I’m with you on that one. But I’m freakin’ hungry as all get-out. Stomach’s been growling since the sun came up a few hours ago.”

“Your stomach should eat something from the mini-bar then.”

“Oh, right, and pay seven dollars for a bag of peanuts that I can go downstairs and get for a buck.”

“Ugh. Your frugality is killing me. Lemme sleep, Levi.”

Levi dove into coaxing mode.

“Come on, Steph. There’s a really good restaurant downstairs our concierge raved about. Eggs and bacon! Now how good does that sound?”

Stephanie immediately went into ranting mode.

“It sounds like room service is something you should look into, but the moment I end this thought is the same moment you’re going to rail against the seemingly high cost of food delivery to hotel rooms!” she fumed.

Levi already had his mouth open ready to combat Stephanie’s words, but was left with his mouth agape.

“Yeah, well, exactly,” he agreed. “You know me too well.”

Levi sat up in his firm hotel bed, and arose from the sheets. He got dressed and prepared himself to leave the room. Stephanie blindly removed her tired self from her comfortable bed, eyes shut, the only part of her being successful at refusing to start the day.

The two siblings continued to get ready, and in the matter of ten minutes, they were out the door and approaching the elevator. A familiar “ding” greeted them as they waited for the doors to open.

“Our concierge, eh?” asked Stephanie.

“Yeah, he said breakfast wasn’t to be missed,” Levi chirped.

“Well, he does work here after all. You didn’t think he was a little full of it?”

“He was just doing his job. He was going on and on about the hotel, and you know that I like to eat breakfast, and he said the Gazebo was a great place. So let’s go already.”

“It’s ten-fifty, brother.”

Levi rose his left arm up and did a double-take at his watch.

“Dang, we better scoot then.”

After the elevator reached the hotel lobby, the siblings wandered with haste into the front of the adjacent restaurant. The maître d’ seated them at a round table near the middle of the establishment.

Each were given a menu, and Levi perked up when he saw that it was one that had breakfast items on it.

“See, that’s good timing, Sister.”

Stephanie wasn’t pleased at the snipe.

“Just have the waiter bring me some O.J. and buttered wheat toast,” Stephanie said as she rose up from her chair.

She meandered towards the women’s restroom as the waiter came right over to their table, complete with smile.

“Hello, I’m Charles, and I’ll be your server today.”

“Hey Charles. We’ve got two here total, so I guess I’m ordering for her. She couldn’t contain the excitement of just sitting here for ten more seconds.”

Levi proceeded to order breakfast for the both of them, and Charles happily took the menus off the table and directly veered into the kitchen.

Stephanie appeared a few minutes later back at the table, with a much more pleasant disposition. It was now Levi that had the dour look on his face.

“Hey, you know that this place charges four-fifty for two eggs?” Levi asked to his sister.

Stephanie sat down and crossed her right leg over her left.

“Levi, it’s a hotel restaurant. What do you expect? They aren’t going to feed you for free like it’s a dumpy Country Inn continental breakfast. This is a real place, with real prices,” she lectured.

“Yes, Sister, I’m pretty aware. But still!”

Stephanie then crumpled her face up and looked over at the kitchen entrance where Charles was coming from, large tray in hand. Levi clasped his hands at this sight while salivating.


Next time, on Afterwards: Good luck on finishing breakfast.

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