A Dyke’s Tale From the Locker Room


Editor’s Note: The author’s name has been changed to protect their identity.

It was Wednesday morning that I was looking down on my phone to check my text messages that I realize probably wasn’t the smartest move.

Just after 9AM today, I had come from my first period, which is English. I like the class, and it usually gets me into a fairly positive mindset for the usually bad day at school I am about to have. And yes, I know that almost everyone has a bad day at school when they’re my age or whatever. Seems like a part of that awfulness could be stomped on by someone who seems to give a care.

My eyes were down, and my head was glazed into my dumb phone. Text messages keep girls like me sane. Doesn’t really matter who they’re from either. Of course I like them when they’re from my real friends, but even a celebrity tweet or a positive daily affirmation from a few different SMS services I subscribe to can jar me into a better mindset. And when a mind is glued into the internet, it’s rarely suspecting anything else.


This one junior female took the right side of my head in her right hand as she methodically walked by, and slammed it into my locker. Now there’s a bruise. It isn’t the worst damn thing to happen in the history of the time, but it is one of the more needless assaults of today’s modern life.

I didn’t fall, but I did get plussed there for a moment, to which I could only stare back at her as I grasped my now-aching head. She mouthed two words to me as she spun back around. They were silent, but still pretty loud.

Fucking dyke!”

I could have done something right then and there. While what I put here is in anger and sadness, those two feelings weren’t immediately available to me when it happened. Just surprise is what I felt. Perhaps another tangent of reality could have happened after that if I wasn’t by myself at that moment this morning. But nothing else happened besides what actually did.’

Sure made for a pretty bad rest of the day. The big bruise on my head now doesn’t help the case either. One day, this garbage might stop. Or at least some people will get their comeuppance.

I hurt.


Aurora lives in the American Southwest with her parents and two younger brothers and maintains a 3.2 GPA at her high school with a powerful love of linguistics and the dramatic arts.

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