Tim Tebow Can Do It Again, But Will He?

By ALEX HYNES, special to The Daily Damn


Editor’s Note: This week’s helping of  “Afterwards” will be tomorrow (Sunday, January 14) so that we may present this special NFL Playoff-oriented offering.


I’m ultra-confident last Saturday’s Broncos vs. Steelers game was the last thing Tim Tebow that critics wanted to see. Super-ultra-mega-confident, in fact.

The AFC Wild Card game ended with a victory for Tebow and the Broncos against the 12-5 Pittsburgh Steelers. They beat a two-time Superbowl champion Ben Roethlisberger, and the best defense in the NFL hands down. Even though Big Ben was a little banged up they were very well and capable. And have more than enough talent on that squad to have beaten the Broncos.

But they didn’t, and were outplayed for the entire game by the sophomore quarterback Tim Tebow. He played remarkably, and played with absolute fire, and led them to victory.

Tebow rushed for a eight-yard scramble before halftime, and looked like a daggone freight train mowing over the Steelers’ entire front line. Not only this, he threw for two touchdowns, including his eighty-yard game-winning bomb that caught Wide Receiver Demaryius Thomas in stride for the overtime victory. Tebow haters were silenced in that moment, and dang it, they should be! This dude is a speciman of true gamesmanship, the likes of which we have rarely seen before. I’d even go as far as to say we’ve never seen anyone quite like him. Others have said this first, true, but I’m echoing the sentiment. But here is the question: can he do it on the road in Foxborough against the elite, seasoned quarterback Tom Brady, and the New England Patriots?

The answer to that question is: he absolutely can!

People say Tebow can’t throw, but he threw for 316 yards versus “The Cold Steel”, and made it look like a clinic with the upmost confidence. If he avoids turnovers and opens up the field against a horrible New England secondary, Denver will put up a lot of points quickly and have a huge shot of winning this game.

The Pats are smart. They observed how the Steelers’ safeties, especially Ike Taylor, were not playing deep the entire game, which opened up the field for Tebow to throw some serious bombs. The Patriots will make it harder for Tim in that aspect, but I feel like he can get it done. Will it be enough to stop an offensive assassin of all assassins Tom Brady?

I have to be real: they have a lot of weapons in their stocked arsenal. In the Pats’ offense, their wide receivers and tight ends must be quashed wherever possible. Rob Grankowski is having a Pro Bowl-level year, and so is the strapping Aaron Hernandez. Let’s not forget about the little dudes: Wes Welker and Danny Woodhead. I am sure Brady will be looking to pass to all these guys. This is why Tim Tebow has to be perfect, and has to have the game of his life, and I believe he will. Nobody on the planet has more faith in their playing abilities right now than Tim Tebow…and I’m sure John Fox and Mr. John Elway himself will tell you that much going into tonight’s game. I think they finally are confident and believe in him and see an absolute star, on and off the field, for many years to come.

Haters will be haters, but Tim is coming to give it his all — it’s Tebow Time baby!

And that’s my giving a dang.


Alex is a huge sports fanatic, and calls North Phoenix his home. A very active member in the faith community, he’s a happily married father of two. He’s also surprised as anyone else that his Arizona Cardinals performed as well as they did in the 2011 NFL season.

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