Election 2012: November Victory for Obama Appears Inevitable

By ANDREW FLYNN, Managing Editor

For a moment there, it seemed like there was going to be an insurgent splitting the Republican Party in two. Not the case.

Ron Paul can have all the independent the logical-thinker support that he wants, but it’s just not enough. The organization of the Republicans in the last dozen years has just been too overwhelming to have anyone come through the grassroots to penetrate the willpower and zeal of the organizers. Valiant effort, yeah sure. Futile too.

On Tuesday night slash Wednesday morning, Romney and Santorum’s campaigns were locked into a volleyball match of Count the Counties’ Caucuses. As mildly entertaining as it was (the CNN production values proved to be unintentionally hilarious), it was all just media masturbation. Not only do they not care about any one of the Republican candidates, everyone should know now who they’re really in the bag for: President Obama.

I’m refuse to love either party since they’re both so ugly and corrupt, but the writing is on the wall already, and it’s hardly the new year. Obama will win the general election in November, regardless of anyone else and anything happening.

As far as people in the Republican party, who’s left? Romney will likely get the nomination after taking some shrapnel from the angriest white man ever, Newt Gingrich, and the second angriest white man ever, Rick Santorum. Rick Perry is insignificant in so far as he can’t remember any three things at once, much less how to keep his yapper shut regarding anything. He’s just not a smart man. He might be Texas-witty and Texas-savvy, but that just doesn’t translate to American-witty and American-savvy in 2012. It might have a dozen years ago, but that ship has not only sailed, it sunk in a cold, barren sea of icy misery.

Then there’s Jon Huntsman, who doesn’t have a chance unless he can prove the other four to be sexually assaulting each other in a bathhouse on a nightly basis.

Fast forward to the fall. The debates will be about family values, life and economy during wartime, and where we really are as a country. A really pissed-off country. Consider not the accomplishments of Obama, but consider how much change will bother the majority of us when it comes time to cast a ballot. Yeah, the economy is ultrashitty, and probably will be for at least the next few years.

It’s going to be more of the temperature of the people who are moved enough to vote that will end up deciding just how much they want to move to the Right instead of fencing the center-Left direction that this country’s politics are being guided in at the present time.

It’ll also be about how much apathy that Mitt Romney creates amongst his party members, which looks to be too much to eke out a victory in regulation. The guy is just milquetoast as a motherfucker, and that hardly translates to excitement. His 23-25% of GOP support right now will turn into a 43-45% general election result.

We’ll have another four years of Barack in office, like it or not. Maybe he’ll end up being better than any of us ever thought. As it stands now, he’ll get the chance.

And that’s my giving a damn.


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