A Guaranteed Present On Christmas Day…

By ANDREW FLYNN, Managing Editor of The Daily Damn

And we didn’t have to speak a peek at all: there will be NBA basketball on Christmas Day!

Ever since I can remember, and this goes back to the beginning of my awareness of popular culture around 1991 or so, there has always been basketball played on Christmas Day. I could be wrong about the true year-to-year consistency of it, but some years bleed together when you’re going through adolescence and teenage years, so forgive me. It just has such a traditional ring to it. Unlike LeBron, who has no rings. Had to do it!

For awhile there, it sure looked like the NBA lockout would last all through the holidays and make a sportslover’s Christmas Day undelightfully shit-filled. All the bickering and camera-postering was enough to make anyone puke up their lunch.

So what was to be two months ago will now be at High Noon (Eastern Standard Time, 9am Pacific) on Christmas Day. There will be five games, all in sequence. And it will be marvelous. Just as we all hope the 66-game NBA season will be, truncated as it may be.

I’m just truly thankful that there is basketball at all. Cooler heads prevailed. There will be professional basketball played on Christmas Day.

And that’s my giving a damn.


Editor’s Notes: GREAT NEWS!: We’ve been renewed for the next three months!! The Daily Damn is taking a holiday break from December 25th until the 31st. We’ll be live on January 1st at our new permanent domain: http://www.TheDailyDamn.com. During the downtime, you may experience page loading errors and things of the sort, so please pardon our digital dust. 2012 is going to be something amazing, so we’ll see you right after the ball drops in Times Square!!

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