Here’s Why Tim Tebow

By ALEX HYNES, special to The Daily Damn

If you don’t know who Tim Tebow is at this point of the NFL season, you’ve probably been living under a rock, or perhaps a dark cave that definitely doesn’t have access to any bit of media.

It seems that wherever you turn you are hearing about this man, and his ability to dramatically win games in the fourth quarter of football games. Since Kyle Orton was benched after going 1-4 to start the season, Tebow was finally given the real spotlight to show what he was made of. From day one, doubters have chimed in on how he will never be a conventional quarterback. And how his baseball pitcher-like wind up throwing motion will never work or develop.

Since then, he has defied the odds and been victorious seven out of the last nine games. And yes, that includes Sunday’s loss versus New England.

In his first four games as a starter, Tebow and the Denver Broncos have had the most unbelievable fourth quarters that you could only believe by witnessing.

Despite the national attention he is getting for his football plays, both good and bad, he has received the most attention on his strong Christian faith and his boldness. Giving God the glory for his accomplishments on the football field every chance he gets. Because of this, Tim has taken some harsh criticism from the media and even former players. One of these is Jake “The Snake” Plummer, who in a radio interview said that he would like Tim a lot better if he would not talk about Jesus, not mixing faith and football.

But the question I have to ask is “Why Tim Tebow?” Why has he got so much negativity for being open and vocal when there are so many other NFL players that profess the Christian faith. Players like Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Colt McCoy, Sam Bradford, Troy Polomalu, Larry Fitzgerald, and many others are Christians, though they don’t wear their faith on their sleeve quite as visible as Tim Tebow.

Here’s why Tim Tebow: he has every right to speak openly and thank God, because they are not just empty words. There is true faith behind those words. Tim actually lives out his faith on and off the field.

On the field, you will often see him kneel down on one knee, having a quick quiet moment in prayer, which has been coined as Tebowing. I feel that because people can see how genuine Tim is, this should not be mocked by viewers or other players.

What impresses me the most about Tim is his relentlessness to show faith, hope, and love to people less fortunate by the way of his charities. Besides The Tim Tebow Foundation, the First and 15 Foundation is a special one. This was founded by him and several other students while he was an undergrad at the University of Florida. The goal for this particular foundation is to get people involved at his school and around the nation to raise funds for various charities such as Uncle Dick’s Orphanage in the Philippines, and Shand’s Pediatric Cancer Center of Gainesville in Florida. Tebow has also supported Disney trips  for disadvantaged children.

Not only is he internationally involved with his charities, he makes time to spend days with children and families effected by diseases and other circumstances. This isn’t for fame or for spotlight. It’s merely to show his love and service for people, and to give them encouragement and hope in a desperate and dark times. This is what makes Tebow so genuine.

Whether you like Tim Tebow as a football player or not, you have to admit he is a difference maker in people’s lives, and his positivity towards every harsh word spoke against him is simply contagious. Tebow is unwavering in his walk and shows a servant’s heart towards others, and this makes him a great role model to the next generation. Most of all, he’s someone I would be proud for my kids to look up to.

Tebow has said that if all he is known for in this life was being a good football player, then he has failed as a person. I believe that with Tim Tebow, we will not be let down. I feel that the NFL and the sports world in general has been waiting for someone like him. Someone who will uphold the image of a positive role model, who will not let the pressure of other’s opinions control him…someone like Tim Tebow.

I look towards 1 Corinthians 13:2-3, which states, “if I had such faith that I could move mountains, but did not love others, I would have gained nothing.”

And that’s my giving a damn.


Alex is a huge sports fanatic, and calls North Phoenix his home. A very active member in the faith community, he’s a happily married father of two. He’s also surprised as anyone else that his Arizona Cardinals are doing as well as they have been in the last two months.

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2 thoughts on “Here’s Why Tim Tebow

  1. dfetes415 says:

    Great piece. I am one of the biggest Tebow fans out there and I always ask myself the same thing. You can say he’s not the best QB in the NFL but how can you not root for this guy?! I’ve been following everything he’s done since his high school days at Nease. Look at Cam Newton and all the other things going on in the world of sports and here we have a bright light in Tim Tebow. Someone to believe in. I’m following your blog from now on!

  2. wpcrutch says:

    Good stuff Drew. Giving a Damn about GOD is where you will find success. Follow HIM and you will find your reward.
    Tim Tebow is a role model because GOD intervened on the NFL scene and placed his people in the middle of what is going on in sports… Now HIS work should focus on the NBA and get that up to shape…only HE knows it needs likewise help.
    Keep up the great work my man!

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