Glenn Beck Is A Silly Goose

This evening, I was flipping through my presets on the 51 as I drove home in the rain. It wasn’t an awful ride home, except for the dipshit in the lifted Toyota Tacoma that merged into my lane from three over in the matter of what seemed like a split-second, nearly causing a collision. The only other thing that made the ride any bit unpleasant was the fear-mongering that Glenn Beck was unloading to his listeners.

I love talk radio, always have. I have every single radio station in the Valley preset into my car stereo, and flip through them at random when there’s not anything good on XM. Which is rare, but it does happen. People getting ideas out there is always a great thing. But at a certain point, I’m so very glad I left the Republican Party when I did three years ago.

Glenn Beck is a fear-mongering douchebag, and has been since he rose to national prominence a few years ago. Name-calling isn’t usually an effective tactic in the art of persuasion, unless you’re 100% accurate (which I feel is correct). This past evening, he was railing some lady who called into his show (set up or not, who can really tell?), and she made a weak point about Iran having nukes, meanwhile set off his own verbal atomics, espousing how the socialists are ruining America, and also how eventually the end of this country is coming soon. Then, he continued his diatribe, going from “there won’t be a Constitution anymore!” to “who really needs Washington anyways?!”

It’s noise and entertainment, this much is clear. I can only hope those who actually listen to him longer than a few minutes don’t actually believe verbatim the words that he says. Because if you really listen to his various means of inflection and speech cadences, he believes every single word of it. Regardless of how it may affect anyone else. This is a textbook case of sheer idiocy, and his is dangerous.

I refuse to be beholden to any political party in this country, or really any label. This, of course, makes me a Progressive by default in the eyes of many. Labels are just one way to diminish another and potentially negate someone’s hold on others. That’s why I don’t appear give a shit, even though a great many political things concern me. Glenn Beck is one of them.

He’s a very profitable and successful personality, but at a certain point, rhetoric becomes dangerous. It’s so much cozier in the middle, anyways. Maybe Beck will one day calm himself. With ratings like his, that’s not likely anytime soon. Unfortunately for the rest of us.

And that’s my giving a damn.


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One thought on “Glenn Beck Is A Silly Goose

  1. Brandi says:

    I agree with you. 100 percent wacko…

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