The Money Shots

I don’t necessarily have a disdain for giant multi-national corporations that hold large sway over how business is usually run. Just the same, I don’t dislike small companies who try to nose their way into society in order to gain a profit stream of some sort. Ultimately, a company will become successful by the direction that it goes by the people that run it, and by the products that the company offers as goods or services. I’m totally fine with all of this.

It’s when a company gets too disjointed from the people that it serves and the people that it’s run by, that’s when there’s trouble. Wells Fargo is a company like this.

I’ve been a customer of Wells Fargo for over five years now. Upon getting financial stability in 2006 for the first time in my life, they were highly recommended by a few friends of mine, so I moved all of my accounts over there. Things were good up until the early part of 2009, when I should have recognized certain writings on the wall of the world that we now lived in.

Sometimes the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing. In this case, the right hand is consistently slapping the face of the customer with ridiculous rules and fees that bear no logic or common sense, and the left hand is placating its own ego by vigorously stroking its own salami to the messy effect of repeated orgasms. Wells Fargo has both of these hands attached to its arms, and has lost my loyalty.

It’s kind of silly isn’t it? Loyalty to a bank. People talk about that a lot. Loyalty to the company who controls the vault to all of your money, or at least the amount that you don’t have tied up in investments and/or stuffed in your mattress/fire safe. Fuck loyalty to banks.

And that’s my giving a damn.


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