The Underemployed Have A Pride Surplus

Around the world, you’re likely to find more than a few people who don’t relish their current station in life.

Lately, I have come to hear a whole lot more complaining about jobs than normal. In this awful economy. The company that I keep is fairly diverse, and I’m not just talking about my chucklehead friends. A few are family members, others are mere acquaintances, and well, you get the idea. There are those among the mentioned that seem to be stuck in the gear that makes them verbally shit out every little thing that doesn’t appease their senses in regards to their employment situations. In this awful economy.

The great majority of my friends are split between those that have found (or stumbled onto) their careers of choice, and those that work jobs that they didn’t necessarily dream of having when they were younger. The bitching comes from both sides. Having had a rocky employment history in some respects allows me to view them from the prism that is laced with open hands that are ready to slap the ever-loving hell out of the flesh and brain composites that yield their flapping gums.

I’m both nice and a prick about it. A person can only take so much whining before a retort is fired out. But with care. Sometimes.

If you find yourself a person who has a job, first of all, be thankful that you have employment. Regardless of your qualifications or current station in life, take a minute to thank whatever lucky star you wish upon. And then come back to reality, and understand that it really isn’t all that bad. We’d all love to be making more money than we make, sure. We’d all love to be living in a nicer pad than we do, yes. But do you have shelter? Food and water? Are you entertained? Got your car payment all taken care of this month? Do you have loved ones that you can surround yourself with? Just think about all of those that don’t have any of these things.

I currently find myself employed with three jobs, two part-time and one full. At times, I’d sure like to dump at least one of them. But I do all three, because the requirement of money far outweighs my ability to be choosy. And the hours are sometimes less than convenient, but in the grand scope of things, I have three jobs. And I do all of them, understanding that the ends justify the means. And what is coming will be more than bountiful.

Being busy isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Being employed at all should be looked at as a great thing. I’m trying not to sound like a Communist either, but work does grow the soul in countless ways. If you’re employed, just think of the many out there who don’t have any employment at all.

And that’s my giving a damn.


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