Patrice Oneal, Comedian & Storyteller

There are few people that make a person laugh as hard and as long as Patrice did.

Whenever he was behind a microphone of any sort, audiences didn’t know what to expect except for one thing: there would be honesty, regardless of the collateral damage. Nothing was off limits when this comedian performed.

It’s important to understand the maladies that led to some of Patrice’s humor, because only then can you really achieve comprehension of the incredibly funny, albeit dark as night, humor that blasted out of his mouth.

His laugh. Involuntary as some may believe, Patrice had the most memorable laugh of anyone that ever dared to tell a joke or quality story of any sort. At times, the laugh would pervade every cavity of your being…in the best way possible. It was like a Cold War-era nuclear warning siren going off. Only you didn’t want to crawl under your desk and wait for the all clear. You wanted to get closer to it. Closer to the pure elation and joy that Patrice was experiencing and laughing about in the first place.

Unique as the way he spelled his last name, sans apostrophe, Patrice lived life on his own terms. He believed that love was attainable, but it didn’t have to be achieved through conventional, white-bread means. He appreciated his fans, and he really loved the ones who would bullshit with him when he frequently guested on Sirius XM’s The Opie & Anthony Show.

It’s a sad time in the comedy world when a talent with the magnitude of his is lost. People say that sometimes and don’t really put weight behind it. I want to emphasize this point: Patrice was a heavyweight in comedy and in the art of quality storytelling in every  possible sense. His fans who begged for more can rejoice in knowing that they scooped up every bit of Patrice Oneal when they had the chance. And now that he’s left us, there’s a hole in the world of entertainment that won’t be filled anymore.

Rest in peace, Patrice. You are loved, and we miss you too much already.

And that’s my giving a damn.


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