Child Molesters Deserve The Worst Of Everything

I challenge you to disagree with the aforementioned.

The countless lives affected and destroyed by human monsters in this existence are too many to count. Young lives. Ones that will never be able to reach their full potential because older, feeble-minded pederasts decided to get their sexual jollies off by removing the innocence from them. It is a problem as old as time itself, but it doesn’t ever stop being repugnant behavior.

The organizations and intimidation that child molesters use in order to get exactly what their blackened souls desire should be held rightly just as much responsible for housing such truly nefarious activities as this. Whether they be a collegiate athletic outfit, a tax-sheltered religion, or a non-profit organization that is ironically dedicated to helping children grow their minds and expand horizons beyond their own family and community, all of them must be brought to rest at the foot of justice. It’s one area of the law that should know not a single exception.

People can change, you’re right. They can reform themselves and bad habits into being a whole new person. However, the deep-rooted pain and psychology that causes a person to be a child predator just can’t change. And it pains me as a sunny (yet cynical) optimist to say this. It’s black and white, very true, but it’s absolute.

There are rules and laws, but they are broken. Who among us is immediately resolute to take the action that is needed? Surely not certain Surely not certain upper clergy of the Catholic church. Surely not Joe Paterno. Surely not Bernie Fine’s wife Laurie. The world weeps for the victims, and the individuals among us who balk at inaction curse the very names involved, and directly at the child molesters themselves. The finger wags in your face, Jerry Sandusky and Bernie Fine.

Lock them up, melt the key, burn down the prison, pack the ashes into mulch, and obliterate the mulch.

And that’s my giving a damn.


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