NBA Lockout: Logic and Reason Prevail, Finally.

Saturday the 26th of November was the first day of Christmas that my true love gave to me.

It’s all any of us die-hard NBA fans really wanted this holiday season. There will be professional basketball played this season, albeit a truncated, 66-game schedule. The elation and joy is so palpable right now that I seriously don’t even care that the league won’t play a full 82. Basketball is back, and we’ll all have three Christmas Day NBA basketball games to enjoy with our loved ones after the presents are opened up on that celebration-filled day.

Reason wins yet again. It took them nearly five fucking calendar months to get a deal all hammered out, but the “tentative agreement” between David Stern and the NBA Players Association (who will soon be dropping whatever lawsuits that were to commence in early 2012 because of this malarkey) was laid out. Hands were shook, and the energy and spirit of all that drives the magical community of the National Basketball Association began to show its true form. Because the league itself is such an awesome force in the wide world of sports that us citizens of the world enjoy. It would have been one of the biggest regrets in this life if there would not have been a basketball season of some sort.

So we get all the teams, and most of the players. December 9th will be the start of training camps and free agency. Talk about smartphones blowing up all over the place. It’ll be a madness like none of us have ever seen. And then on Christmas Day, the league will open up its 2011-12 season to fanfare and incredible athletic spectacle. This is all milk and honey right now, and every bite is truly delicious.

It’s very possible too that LeBron will be so happy to see NBA fans attend his games that he’ll actually show up in the fourth quarter.

Had to do it.

I love this game. All of it.

And that’s my giving a damn.


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