Uncle Sam Turns The Page

There comes a time in the conscience of a country where a sharp corner must be turned. A mellowing, seedy, relaxing corner.

The federal government of these United States should whole-heartedly and legally make the possession and growth of any and all quantities of marijuana permitable.

Consider the amount of taxpayer money that is spent on jail time for offenders of possession. While you’re at it, add in those who traffic the good green ganja. That number of dollars concerned with the prosecution and imprisonment of said supposed offenders is immediately wiped from the red into the black, yielding law enforcement agencies nationwide to focus that much more on actual criminals. Criminals who aren’t guilty of being around the devil’s tobacco.

Now, it surely won’t resolve our nation’s entire debt, nor will it win anyone the Nobel Prize for Economics or Agriculture, but it will at least ring true for millions of otherwise law-abiding citizens in America. And then once it’s legalized, it can be federally taxed and regulated as heavily as alcohol is. That’ll be the end of it.

Legalized cocaine and heroin are next? No, they’re not, you dummy. Believing that makes you party to the same company as the idiots who say that legalizing gay marriage is the same of legalizing bestiality and polygamy. The whole legalization of pot is a means to extend legal rights to smokers of a different variety. And that’s it, and that’s all.

Considering the ongoing internal struggles we have against drugs, is it likely to happen? I mean, if history serves as any indicator, the answer is likely not. But the best ideas in the world have been founded upon the cornerstone of far crazier things. At one time, indoor plumbing was considered blasphemy to some. And besides camping, when’s the last time you took a shit outdoors in the middle of the night?


Let’s wake ourselves out of this fog of fear and ridiculousness. Let us legalize marijuana, finally and forever.

And that’s my giving a damn.


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