Failing To Heed Good Advice

Those in this society of ours who didn’t grow up around computers are built differently. They have the ability to focus more, and as a result, they don’t have the need to look down at their handheld digital device of choice, be it their cell phone, MP3 player, iPad, or whatever.

So technology is what it is. And one thing is true above all else, it’s straight-up motherfuckingly distracting. We’re raised in this life to watch our surroundings and to look around to see what’s coming to us from behind us, from all sides, and what is directly in front of us. Not everyone does this.

About two years ago, I was walking a few miles around my old neighborhood to burn off some steam and get some personal fitness time in. It had been a rather stressful workweek up to that point, so once the darkness came once the sun set, and I got my basketball shorts and walking shoes and set out on a familiar path.

Not more than 60 yards down the street from my front door, I’m walking at a steady clip on the sidewalk while staring down at my smartphone trying to text with one hand like a damn hipster. And then the curb ended.

Plotzing forward with all my girth, this dumb fuck ended up on the pavement awkwardly. My phone crashed to the earth in pieces, battery case coming loose too easily, battery ejected from the phone’s housing like it was an Allied Forces fighter pilot over Northern Europe in the early 1940’s. Knee all fucked up with parts of my left leg skinned to shit, the adrenaline that one gets when they’ve just done something really stupid while in front of people kicked right in. Quickly to my feet, I tried to shrug it off as nothing. I stared down at a few drops of blood recently contributed to the street, and began to collect my cell phone parts.

It was an embarrassing moment. The one saving grace for my own self-confidence was that absolutely no one was around at all. What are the odds of that?

I’m of the first generation that grew up immersed in computers and handheld gadgets and Nintendo and all this horseshit. I didn’t look down to see where I was going. Because I didn’t heed valuable advice.

Some of us are surrounded by conveniences and distractions so much to the point that we can just as easily end up on our asses.

And that’s my giving a damn.


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