The Penn St Clusterfuck: As The Ambiguity Turns

At this point, who’s to say what is what in these times of complication and conjecture. And bullshit.

The Penn State Board of Trustees has given Mike McQueary paid administrative leave for his role in the giant clusterfuck that blew up about a week and a half ago. And that’s it, at this juncture in time. Oh, and then Jerry Sandusky was on NBC’s Rock Center this past Monday night speaking to Bob Costas in what had to be the creepiest phone conversation this side of comedian Jimmy Norton’s Uncle Paul calling an adolescent relative for a playdate.

So others in this awful Chex Mix of national tragedy have experienced worse fates than he. In the victim’s eyes, it’s still all in vain. The truly awful events that occurred need not be mentioned, for they already are legally documented and available (link up to the 23 page document).

It’s important to note that the 23-page legal testimony is only one source of information. McQueary doesn’t belong on the roster of all-time worst people ever, just yet. Some dust has settled, and now the voices from his camp are saying that he actually did more than was previously reported to remove the 10-year-old in danger from the alleged pederast clutches of Sandusky. Alleged. Must keep that word in the running until some semblance of resolution can find its way to light amidst all the darkness.

The layer of difficulty that won’t go away from this story is the emotion involved, as well it shouldn’t. So now we all get to witness the court cases, the pontificating legal defenses, and the blowhard television talking heads that will all get their moment in front of the camera. There will be no smooth jazz played in this festival of pain, so it’s best not to expect any here.

In times like these, a little soft music is more than welcome.

And that’s my giving a damn.


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