NBA Lockout: In Came The Tidal Wave

(originally published November 15th, 2011 @ 1:00am MST)

This was just about the worst news possible for NBA fans around the world, but it’s not quite “holy fucking shit” just yet.

Monday brought the very tides of the “nuclear winter” (NBA Commissioner Stern’s words, not mine) closer to hitting the beach of the now-delayed NBA season. At this point, that nuclear winter doesn’t look like a meteorological forecast but rather a metaphysical certitude that the season itself is about to be lost to the fierce, incoming tsunami of disagreement. This a lot of metaphors to weed through, so let’s get back to fucking unfortunate reality that we’re now living in.

There’s not going to be an NBA season this year. Or so it seems. The chances that each side had are now destroyed because of financial indifference. While most diehard fans will be able to weather the distaste of a basketball-free Christmas Day and the rest of the season, it’s the common fan of this fine basketball who will be the hardest hit. Because the one thing that neither side fully understands is the fact that the NBA wouldn’t be as awesome as it is (read: once was).

During the same song, more sadness. This mess will end up just being another statistic of how the upper echelon of our society took a large, Cleveland Steamer-type shit onto the collective chests and faces of hard-working, dependant blue-collar workers of this country. Those who feed the fans, clean our stadiums, work the parking lots, and staff the surrounding restaurants to our beloved sports venues. Those who make it possible for us all to enjoy the actual sporting events in the first place with the amenities that these very people provide us access to. The same those who save all year so that they can only then afford to take their families to one of these professional basketball games.

One thing is for sure, I’m about to upgrade my part-time fandom for NCAA college basketball to full-time status. It just so happens that ESPN’s got 25 hours straight of college basketball right now.

And that’s my giving a damn.


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