Dreaming Is As Powerful As Life Itself

I don’t pretend to understand the true power of dreams. As a writer, I do think they give some excellent source material.

As someone who didn’t exactly get to doctoral status in the collegiate world, I’m a novice when it comes to understanding the paranormal and the specifics of the inner psychological makeup that a person is about. All any of us can really do is take a moment or two to process the amazing things our brains do while our bodies slumber.

The certain truths I have walked away with as I take my morning piss after a good night of solid sacktime are the following:

1. For wacky, incredibly insane dreams, eat spicy food three hours or less before you fall asleep.

2. Eating lots of dairy before bed will yield sweating in your bed, and the great likelihood that you’ll need to change your sheets in the morning. Totally gross.

3. When under more stress than usual, I have dreams that are multi-faceted and in color. There are specific plots and characters that sometimes take a few nights of sleep to figure out how they all work together. But they do, and it’s truly wonderful.

Everyone has their own types of dreams, which I know at the age of 30 is one of the best things about getting sleep to begin with. They’re awesome, and I hope they never stop.

And that’s my giving a damn.


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